Healthy Bedtime Snacks!

healthy bedtime snack5 Healthy Bedtime Snacks to curb night time hunger–

When you are trying to go to sleep and the pangs of hunger start, you need a healthy bedtime snack so you can get some sleep without wrecking your diet. No need to lay there hoping sleep will overtake you before you succumb to the hunger pains, read on for 5 healthy bedtime snacks that will quench that hunger so you can get some much needed sleep.

5 Healthy Bedtime Snacks

These healthy bedtime snacks all contain protein, and are low calorie so that you can get to sleep and keep your metabolism going through the night without overeating.

1. Cereal & Milk: 1/2 Cup Whole Grain cereal with 1/4 Cup Milk (22 calories), preferably with protein such as Zone Perfect (160 calories) or Kashi GOLEAN Crunch(70 calories).

2. Yogurt and Berries: 1 cup ...

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Fun Workouts: Exercise Like a Kid

fun workoutFun Workouts: Exercise Like a Kid–

“I would work out more if I knew of some fun workouts!” The inspiration you need to solve this dilemma is as close as the nearest park, school yard or possibly in your own home. It’s those little people we call Kids. And they have us ‘grown ups’ beat hands down when it comes to making workouts fun. As we get older, we find ourselves envying kids for their ability to run and jump (aka exercise) endlessly and have fun doing it. But fun workouts don’t have to be so elusive! There are lots of exercises we can do to help in our quest to look and feel younger.

8 Fun Workouts

Check out these fun workout exercises that we used to do as kids without even thinking twice:

#1. Walking. When we were kids we used to walk all around the neighborhood...

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Ice or Heat – A Quick Refresher

ice or heat for injuriesIce or Heat for Injuries & Sore Muscles–

Regardless of your fitness level, it’s going to happen at some point. Sore muscles and various injuries such as strains, sprains and pulls. Although we’ve all heard it a hundred times, it’s easy to forget exactly when it’s best to use ice and when it’s best to use heat. Or both. Here’s a refresher on using ice or heat for those nagging maladies.

Two types of injuries

There are two types of injuries - acute and chronic. Acute injuries are immediate injuries that cause noticeable pain quickly. Acute injuries typically result from mishaps including twists, falls, sprains or impact. So an ankle sprain or strain falls into this category.

Chronic injuries are more common to most people, such as muscle soreness, stiff joints, etc...

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7 Minutes Into A Workout and You Want To Quit – What To Do

Mental Willpower: How to Push Yourself in Your Workout–

fitness willpowerIt happens to everyone. You know you need to work out – you even WANT to workout. You’ve cleared your schedule, you grab your water, you’re ready to go. Then, it happens. The body doesn’t want to cooperate. The mind is willing, but the body says no. It seems so much easier to just stop.

So when you’re seven minutes into a 54 minute workout, with 47:38 to go and you’re ready to quit and go watch TV…

1) Reduce it to the ridiculous. Meaning, break your workout down into seemingly ridiculously small chunks. Just get get through this one move, or just make it to the next block. Or just five more seconds more of this or that.

2) Focal point. A cross country coach once told us, when you want to quit, look for a tree, or stop sign, or car in ...

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Get in Shape in 2013: Top Ten Reasons to start getting in shape today

photo (5)Get in Shape in 2013: Top Ten Reasons to start getting in shape today–

Most of us know we need to get in shape, but sometimes motivation can be a big challenge. Here are 10 reasons to get in shape in 2013, starting now.

1. You will help prevent health problems when you get in shape. Health problems associated with being overweight or obese include Type 2 diabetes, heart disease,  high blood pressure, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, cancer and stroke.

2. You will look your best and feel confident in daily life when you get in shape. When you look and feel good you will have the confidence to take on the world every day.

3. You will feel your best to live life to the fullest. No more worrying about your weight once you get in shape. No more being held back from what you want to do.


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6 Simple Rules to boost workout and diet success

photo (2)6 Simple Rules to boost workout and diet success–

1. Don’t be a perfectionist; be a “just get up and do something-ist”. So many times we miss a workout because we don’t have enough time to finish our ideal workout. Don’t let perfectionism get in your way. Realize every day you will not be perfect but also know you are doing what you can when you can. Even if you push yourself to squeeze 10 minutes in, you are still burning calories that count toward your goals. If you find yourself eating something “bad” then just make sure you redouble your efforts at your next workout.

2. Don’t let yourself go two days without doing something. Even if you are short on time or not feeling up to it just promise yourself 10 minutes and you might find yourself finishing...

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Workout Shoes: the quick guide to getting it right

Selecting the Right Pair of Workout Shoes–

selecting a workout shoeNo matter what your fitness level, whether you’re just getting back in shape, or if you are a die hard, there’s nothing quite like picking out a new pair of workout shoes. But with advances in technology and so many choices, it’s good to have a quick mental checklist to consult as you look at a wall of shoes.

Talk to an expert. Do not hesitate to ask the salesperson questions and to explain your current fitness level, and what you want to achieve. They are there for a reason. This is no time for vanity or pride.

Shoes do one thing. Select your shoes based on your activity – the salesperson will know exactly what you need. If you walk, you need a stiffer pair of shoes. If you run, you need something with extra cushion for impact...

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Fitness Levels In Middle Age Linked to Lower Dementia Risk

photo (11)

Middle Age Fitness Levels & Reduced Dementia Risk–

Here’s another reason, if you don’t have enough already, to keep up with your daily fitness routine…or start one today.

A recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine (Feb 5 Issue) reveals that middle aged individuals who have higher fitness levels appear to have a lower risk of dementia in their later years.

“We already know exercise has cardiovascular and many other benefits, but this may give people more incentive to get moving,” says researcher Laura F. DeFina, MD, from The Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas. “Dementia is the second most feared disease after cancer, and our research suggests you can lower your risk by keeping fit.”

The study included nearly 20,000 people. They received standardized fitness testing aro...

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Using Video To Improve Workout Results

improve workout results

improve workout resultsIf you are looking to improve your workout results, whether it be calorie burn, or increased endurance or better form, then we have a very simple technique that just might work for you. And it’s probably in your pocket right now. We’re talking about using video to improve workout results.

If you have a smartphone with video, then you are in business. But even a point and shoot digital camera will work if it has a video module.

Let’s use me for an example. I follow the Insanity workout program as a regular part of staying in shape. A few days ago, I wanted to check my form on one of the exercises, so I simply set my iphone on the desk, hit record and captured various portions of the workout as I was doing it. Some very interesting things begin to happen with the video running:

1) You’ll n...

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A Funout, not a Workout

get in shape fun

Fun Workout Ideas: 11 Activities That Don’t Feel Like Exercise–

get in shape fun

Everyone up! No sitting.

Think getting up and getting active is a difficult task? Think again. A simple outing for breakfast this morning gave us all the inspiration we need for a post about fun workout ideas. In a span of just a few minutes and all within a half mile of each other, we saw folks out and about having a blast while cycling, playing volleyball, kayaking, running, walking, dancing, playing bocce ball, fishing, walking dogs, playing with kids on the playground and tossing the football.

Granted, we live in a region known for its beautiful winters, but still, you could get going today with at least one of these activities – maybe even a couple. Dancing with your dog, anyone?

The bottom line is getting fit does not ...

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