10 Minute Trainer

10 minute trainer10 Minute Trainer Workout

Synopsis: The 10 Minute Trainer workout from Beachbody’s Tony Horton is tailor made for those of us who are short on time (and who isn’t?).  Tony uses a technique called Super Stacking to get more results in less time. Super Stacking involves working multiple muscles and getting multiple benefits at the same time (such as upper body, lower body, abs and cardio). The claim is that you get the calorie burn of 30 minutes of jogging from one 10 Minute Trainer workout, according to a recent study.

Highlights: Thanks to the 10 Minute Trainer workout, lack of time is no longer a valid excuse for not working out. All you need is 10 Minutes a day. And, what’s great is, if you have more time on your hands some days, you can do more than one 10-minute trainer workout routine, such as one in the morning and one at night or three 10 Minute Trainer workouts a day on the weekend.

10minute_coverWORKOUT DETAILS:

The Promise:  Better Results in Less Time. Just 10 minutes a day.

Cost: 3 Kits are offered – Base, Expanded and Complete

  • Base Kit: 2 Payments of $39.95+ S&H of $12.95
  • Expanded Kit: 2 Payments of $58.95+ S&H of $12.95
  • Complete Kit: 2 payments of $79.90+ S&H of $14.95

Length of Program: 60 Days

# of Work out Days a Week:  7 days a week, but only 10 minutes a day, or if you have time, do multiple 10 Minute Trainer workouts for 20 or 30 minutes of total exercise a day.

What You Get:

Workout DVDs:

  • Five 10 Minute Trainer workouts (10 minutes)- included in all 3 10 Minute Trainer kits (Base, Expanded and Complete)
  • With Complete Kit also get: Six ONE on ONE 10-Minute Workouts

Tools/Gear Included: 

  • Base Kit:  Pro-Grade Resistance Band Basic
  • Expanded Kit: Additional Medium Pro-Grade Resistance Band
  • Complete Kit: Additional Heavy Pro-Grade Resistance Band

Diet/Planning Guides:

  • All 3 levels of 10 Minute Trainer Workout Kits provide these additional calendars, guides and diet plans.
    • Workout Calendar
    • Rapid Results Guidebook
    • 10-Minute Recipe Guide
    • On-the-Go Workout Cards
    • 2-Day Jump Start Plan

Free Gifts to Keep

  • All 3 of the 10 Minute Trainer Workout Kits Include:
    • 3 Additional Rapid-Fire Workouts
    • Advanced Calendar
  • Complete & Expanded kits only: 10-Day Lean Jean Plan

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

 Read more about 10 Minute Trainer here …

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