20 Fitness Tips You Can Do Today!

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20 Fitness Tips From The Experts–

fytly Y logo opt (1)At Fytly, we love lists. Especially ones packed with fitness tips that you can try the same day. That seems to be the key to staying motivated and staying fit – trying simple things, taking small steps on that road to fitness, whatever your goals may be.

So check out this fitness tips list from top fitness experts. No long reading, no huge efforts – we promise!

For example, Don’t Skip Snacks. That’s right, eat some snacks!  But make it snacks that are calorie controlled — 150 calories or less is what to shoot for. A handful of nuts, a banana, slices of turkey, etc.

How about Stop Doing Crunches. Using larger muscle movements such as squats and pushups are better at achieving a flatter belly than crunches because they work your core significantly. Do these in place of crunches for a more effective belly workout.

Maybe our fav - Sleep More To Burn Belly Fat. Fat burning and muscle repair happen at night while you are sleeping. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body isn’t functioning optimally. And if you are sleep deprived, your body releases cortisol, a hormone that can increase belly fat deposits.

That’s just a start. There are 17 more fitness tips waiting for you.

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