7 Minutes Into A Workout and You Want To Quit – What To Do

Mental Willpower: How to Push Yourself in Your Workout–

fitness willpowerIt happens to everyone. You know you need to work out – you even WANT to workout. You’ve cleared your schedule, you grab your water, you’re ready to go. Then, it happens. The body doesn’t want to cooperate. The mind is willing, but the body says no. It seems so much easier to just stop.

So when you’re seven minutes into a 54 minute workout, with 47:38 to go and you’re ready to quit and go watch TV…

1) Reduce it to the ridiculous. Meaning, break your workout down into seemingly ridiculously small chunks. Just get get through this one move, or just make it to the next block. Or just five more seconds more of this or that.

2) Focal point. A cross country coach once told us, when you want to quit, look for a tree, or stop sign, or car in the distance, and just make it to that. When you get there, find the next tree, or stop sign, or car in the distance, and just make it to that. Find an object, or person in front of you, or the person on your DVD. Focus on them. Focus your brain.

3) Low gear it. Tell yourself okay, I don’t feel like continuing. But, let me just go half speed for now. Let me see how that feels. Many times, your body just takes longer to wake up and you end up making it through.

4) Get the carrot. Dangle a proverbial carrot in front of yourself mentally. If I go ahead and finish what I started, I will treat myself to (fill in the blank). Or, I will take tomorrow off and rest. Reward yourself for willpower.

¬†5) Mirror, Mirror. If there’s a mirror nearby, walk over to it while you’re thinking of quitting. Look at yourself. Catch your breath. Tell yourself you can do this. Envision your ideal body or weight. Then give it another shot.

Many times it’s our brains, not our bodies, that keep us from achieving our fitness goals. With a little prep and some mental¬†calisthenics, we can make it through. The feeling afterward is worth it.

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