insanity_the_asylumThe Asylum Workout Routine

Synopsis: The Asylum is the next workout routine from Insanity’s Shaun T. The Asylum is the next installment in the Insanity lineup bringing you extreme cross training methods used by elite athletes. If you ever played high level sports in the past, you’ll feel like you have gone back to your heyday; if you’ve never competed, you get to experience the training and the results enjoyed by elite athletes, and feel strong and look ripped as a result.

Highlights: With The Asylum workout routine, Shaun T will make you Dig Even Deeper with a 7-day a week workout requiring a totally doable 25-60 minutes a day. You will the training and skills needed to perform like an elite athlete or just look and feel like one! For those who have made it through insanity or need to prepare for an athletic endeavor, the Asylum workout routine is for you.


The Promise:  The Asylum workout routine will get you lean and ripped without going to the gym. Train Like an Elite Athlete.

Cost: $89.95 (3 payments of $29.95) + $14.95 shipping. $44.90 initial payment with shipping. Total of $104.80.

Length of Program: 30 Days

# of Work out Days a Week:  7 Days a week (one day is a “Relief” workout routine)


What you get:  6 intense sport training workout routines, included gear and planning Tools.

  • Speed & Agility: cardio workout that develops your speed .(45 minutes)
  • Vertical Plyo: Lower body, jumping workout routine. (40 minutes)
  • Relief: Stretching and flexibility workout routine. (25 minutes)
  • Strength: Weights and resistance workout routine. (60 minutes)
  • Game Day: Cross-training workout routine. (60 minutes)
  • Back to Core: Core, Glutes and Hamstrings routine. (25 minutes)

Tools/Gear: Sports inspired training tools are included with The Asylum workout routine.

  • Agility Ladder
  • Speed Rope

Diet/Planning Tools that come with The Asylum Workout routine:

  • Workout Calendar
  • Guide Playbook (step by step guide).
  • Nutrition Plan specially designed meals to fuel your workouts

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with The Asylum workout routine.

Are YOU ready to Dig Even Deeper and take on The Asylum workout routine with Shaun T?

Read more about INSANITY: THE ASYLUM® here…

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