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At Home workouts allow flexibility to get your workout in no matter what time of day or how much time you have. There are quite a few popular at home workouts, which we have reviewed to help you choose the right one for your time alotment, price range and fitness level.

The top at home workouts which we have reviewed are Insanity, P90X, Hip Hop Abs, Zumba, Brazil Butt Lift, and 10 Minute Trainer. Check out the below links for information on each workout.

Insanity -A no equipment workout that forces you to dig deeper to get the body you have always wanted. Trainer Shaun T leads a workout that will improve your strength, resistance and cardiovascular fitness. 

P90X - The P90X workout is hosted by personal trainer Tony Horton.  The premise behind the P90X is a training technique called “muscle confusion,” which in theory amps up the fitness process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so you do not plateau on results. 

Hip Hop Abs If you want to work your abs but hate crunches and you like to dance and listen to good music, Hip Hop Abs is the workout for you. Lose 3 inches off your waist in 30 days. Flat abs with no crunches or situps. 

Zumba Part dance party and part fitness program, Zumba features high energy Latin dance and music to get you moving and burning calories.

Brazil Butt Lift Brazil Butt lift is essentially a combination of Brazilian dance moves, up tempo cardio and emphasis on lower body sculpting moves.

10 Minute Trainer - Better Results in Less Time. Just 10 minutes a day. With 10-minute trainer, you get the calorie burn of 30 minutes of jogging from one 10 Minute Trainer workout, according to a recent study.

Check out the above links to choose which workout is best for you, and make sure you comment and let us know your thoughts!


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