6 Simple Rules to boost workout and diet success

photo (2)6 Simple Rules to boost workout and diet success–

1. Don’t be a perfectionist; be a “just get up and do something-ist”. So many times we miss a workout because we don’t have enough time to finish our ideal workout. Don’t let perfectionism get in your way. Realize every day you will not be perfect but also know you are doing what you can when you can. Even if you push yourself to squeeze 10 minutes in, you are still burning calories that count toward your goals. If you find yourself eating something “bad” then just make sure you redouble your efforts at your next workout.

2. Don’t let yourself go two days without doing something. Even if you are short on time or not feeling up to it just promise yourself 10 minutes and you might find yourself finishing. I have actually had headaches that have gone away while I worked out, so I know this can work. When doing a workout video, it is hard to stop in the middle and feel like a quitter, so you can guilt yourself into finishing. but you have to start first! If it’s late and you already missed your workout, do jumping jacks, push-ups, leg lifts, crunches and stretches before bed or in the morning.

3. Eat enough protein every day. Your daily protein can come from meals, snacks, protein shakes and bars. Not only do frequent protein-containing meals and snacks ramp up your metabolism, protein helps your body build muscle, and combined with complex carbohydrates, helps you avoid bonking during your workout. There is nothing worse than setting aside your time to workout and then not feeling up to the task because you didn’t eat well.

4-Drink enough water. Before during and after exercise. The best way to ensure you are hydrated enough is to drink water all day long. Make it a habit to drink a glass before you leave for the day, one during your commute, 2-3 glasses during the day at work and one during the commute home. Drink another before and during your workout and another an hour before bed. Infuse your water with lemon or cucumbers to give it some flavor. You can do this ahead of time in a pitcher in your refrigerator so it’s there for you the next day.

5-Prioritize your workout. Workout time (aka “you time”) is hard to find if you wait until all your other life duties are completed. However, if you prioritize working out, you will get your workout done for yourself, but also get the other “have to’s” done that you owe to others. When I am tempted to skip my workout because I need to get some work done after hours, I remind myself that I get a lot of thinking done while I workout. Working out releases the mind for creativity and my work goes quicker after working out. Also knowing you are taking care of yourself goes a long way toward reducing stress and feeling confident.

6. Believe you can and will do it. The mental side of working out is equally as important as your ability level. If you believe in yourself and encourage yourself, you will be much more productive than if you allow that negative inner voice to influence you. If you hear any negative thoughts like I will never lose weight. I will never be able to do this exercise, immediately replace them with positive self encouragement. I deserve to be fit and feel and look better every day and I CAN do it. Vow to make your fitness a lifestyle change not a 60- or 90-day effort. When you look at it this way, then you will not fail!

Follow these Rules as part of your daily routine and you will find yourself succeeding in your fitness goals.


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