Burn Fat

How to Burn Fat –  Exercises and Diet

The focus of most people when they begin their workout regime is burning fat. Exercises to burn fat run the gamut from simple walking to high impact cardio to high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Here is a quick list of exercise options for you to burn fat (and you will also build a little muscle tone while you are at it).

Walking: This is the easiest activity you can take on to burn fat. All you have to do is walk out your door and walk at a brisk pace to burn calories and fat. Once you are comfortable with walking start to increase your workouts. If you are walking 2-3 days a week, increase to more days per week.  To increase fat burn, work interval training into the mix by alternating 5 minutes of walking with 5 minutes of jogging.

Strength Training: Building and strengthening your muscles will amp up your fat burning. Do this 2-3 times a week alternating with your cardio workouts. Do a full body circuit to make sure all your major muscle groups are strengthened. If you don’t have weights, you can do exercises like pushups, lunges, squats, leg raises and crunches. Slowly work up to more repetitions as you gain strength.

Home Fitness Programs: For those who want something more exciting and professionally directed, there are quite a few home DVD workouts that will help you burn fat. Most of these programs boast body-changing results in 30-90 days. It can be much more effective to use a home DVD program since you can do it anytime and you have your own personal trainer egging you on. Popular home fat burning workout programs include:


Turbo Jam

Brazil Butt Lift

Hip Hop Abs

Turbo Fire




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