Calorie Calculator

Calorie Calculator Formula to Lose Weight

Using a calorie calculator will be an effective tool in hitting your fitness or weight loss goals. There are three simple steps to determine your Total Daily Calorie Needs to either maintain your current weight or lose weight.

  1. Calculate Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) which is calories burned simply being alive.
    • Men:          Multiply 11 x body weight in pounds
    • Women:    Multiply 10 x body weight in pounds
  2. Choose Activity Factor  (AF) which is how active you are. See chart below
  3. Multiply your REE by your AF to determine how many calories you need to maintain your current weight.
_________  x  __________      =     ____________

Your REE  x  Your AF   =   Daily calories burned (Daily calories required to maintain current weight)

If you would like to maintain your weight, eat no more calories than you burn.

If you would like to lose weight, burn more calories than you eat (or eat less calories than you burn).

If you would like to gain weight, eat more calories than you burn.

Activity Factors (AF) for Different Levels of Activity
Activity Level Activities Men Women
Resting Sleeping, reclining 1.0 1.0
Sedentary Minimal movement, mainly sitting/lying down. Activities include: watching television, reading, etc. 1.3 1.3
Light Office work, sitting, day consists of sleeping 8 hrs with 16 hrs of walking or standing. Activities include: walking, laundry, golf, ping pong, walking on level ground at 2.5-3 mph 1.6 1.5
Moderate Light manual labor. Activities include: walking 3.5-4 mph, carrying a load, cycling, tennis, dancing, weeding and hoeing 1.7 1.6
Very Active Full-time athletes, agricultural laborers, active military duty, hard laborers (mine and steel workers). Activities include: walking with a load uphill, team 2.1 1.9
Extremely Active Lumberjacks, construction workers, coal miners. Some full-time athletes with daily strenuous training 2.4 2.2


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