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Workout Routines & Fitness Programs

workout routinesNow that you’ve decided to take action and move toward optimal health, it’s important to rind the right workout routine or exercise program. By right, we mean the one that you are:

A) capable of doing physically

B) willing to stick to and

C) can provide the results you are looking for.

Below we’ve outlined a variety of workout routines that you may find suitable to meet your goals, especially if you are just starting out:

Simple Exercises

What we’re talking about here is…get up and get moving. ¬†Choosing simple exercises that are enjoyable and easy to complete will boost your confidence and increase your endurance without overdoing it. The best part – most of these exercises are free and require little if any equipment. Continue to beginner exercises…

At Home Workouts

If working out at home is appealing to you, there are tons of at home workouts that bring the benefit of a personal trainer to your living room TV. From dance-based workouts, to sports-based training, to programs designed for those without time to exercise, there is a home workout for every fitness level and lifestyle.¬†We’ve listed the top at home workouts with descriptions, costs and time investments to help you choose. Continue to At Home Workouts…

Home Gym

If you want to bring an equipment-based workout of a gym to your home, there are plenty of home gym machines that are effective and affordable to own. From full body machines, to treadmills, recumbent bikes and ab machines, this page brings you the top home gym machines and gadgetry that you will want to include in your home gym. Continue to Home Gym page…

Fitness club/Trainer

Sometimes you need a professional trainer and fitness club combination to provide you with a tailored workout that is just perfect for you. A personal trainer can help you build and strengthen your muscles, target your problem areas and –most importantly– keep you on the path to fitness. While this method can be the most financially costly, it is well worth it if it means you reach your fitness and health goals. Continue to read more about getting a trainer…

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