Beginner Exercises

Simple Beginner Exercises You Can Do Today

simple beginner exercises

Here’s a list of simple beginner exercises to get you back in the game and improve your health. We call them beginner, but in reality these are all very effective exercises, they just happen to be activities that most people can do and enjoy. Next to each activity we’ve listed the most agreed upon calorie burn per hour for the average person.

Walking - 177 cals
Walking the dog – 180 cals
Gardening – 236 cals
Push mowing – 325 cals
Weeding – 266 cals
Riding a bike, leisurely – 240 cals
Dancing – 306 cals
Swimming – 400 cals
House cleaning – 200 cals
Playing with kids – 272 cals
Bowling – 200 cals

As you can see, just by participating in any of these simple beginner exercises, you can jumpstart your activity level…and have a lot of fun!

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