Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps

fitness appsNext to a good pair of shoes, some of the best tools for achieving your fitness goals are fitness  apps. Now you can have essentially a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, on your smartphone. From food tracking to calorie burn calculations, using fitness apps as part of your daily return will bring results almost certainly.

Using fitness apps is no fad. Pew Center data reveals that of the 19 percent of smartphone users who have downloaded a health-based app, almost 40 percent also downloaded and regularly use a fitness app when beginning a fitness program.

What to look for in fitness apps:

1) Food tracker/diary – this is an incredibly power behavior modification tool. By tracking your daily food intake (yes, everything single thing you eat), you become aware instantly of the corresponding calorie intake as well. It takes no time at all to begin thinking about everything you eat, before you eat it. As in, how long will I need to exercise to burn that off?

2) Exercise tracker – by entering in all of your efforts during the day, including normal walking, you can get a real gauge on your total calories burned for the day. You will enter some basic data, such as weight, height and age, and the app will then be able to provide an accurate burn rate.

3) Food database – apps with food databases make it easy to find the items you have eaten, along with the corresponding calorie count. This makes entering and calculating total calories very easy.

4) Nutrition information – seeing carbs, protein, sugar, fiber and other nutritional is key to balancing your diet.

5) Goal setting – many apps allow you to set a goal, then provide feedback as to how close you are getting to that goal.

6) Cost – many apps are free. However, by paying for the app, you avoid mobile ads running on your phone.

Fitness Apps You Can’t Go Wrong With:

Calorie Count

Lose It

My Fitness Pal

Pocket Yoga

Nike Fitness Club

Couch to 5K










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