Five Steps You Can Take Today Toward Getting Fit

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Five Easy Steps You Can Take Today Toward Getting Fit–

The great thing about getting in shape and regaining your health is, for most people, it’s never too late! All that is required is to decide to take action. Any action. No need to start pumping iron or try to trudge through a three mile run. It’s so much simpler, and rewarding, than that.

Here are five quick and easy steps you can take today, right now, that will put you on the road to getting back to your old self. The person you want to be.

Step One: as we stated, the first step is to decide you are going to do something. ANYTHING! And do it just for that day. Tell yourself, just for today, I am going to walk around the block rather than watch that rerun. I’ll just do it this once. Then go do it! What you will find very quickly is that by just taking the action, you begin feeling in control and empowered to do even more.

Step Two: drink more water. Most of us do not drink enough water and it’s an easy thing to do. Water hydrates, energizes your body and fills the stomach. Begin substituting water for soft drinks. Add lemon or lime, or buy sparkling water, which adds a nice zing.

Step Three: treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. Yes, shoes. Visit your local sporting goods store or the mall and pick out a reputable (this does not mean expensive necessarily) pair of cross training, walking or running shoes. This is perhaps one of the most motivational easy steps you can take. There’s nothing like getting a new pair of shoes! Then put them to use. Walk the block, take the dog out, walk the local track, or hit the park and meet some people.

Step Four: make a motivational playlist and bring it with you wherever you go. Listening to your favorite songs, or those songs from your glory days that evoke great memories – this can really motivate and energize your body and your mental state. If you are walking or running, music can improve the quality of your workout dramatically.

Step Five: grab a partner. It’s a proven fact that people who walk, run or workout together tend to get much more out of it with greater results. Get out together. Walk, talk, laugh and set goals together.

It doesn’t take much to get going. By trying just one thing differently, you can set yourself onto an amazing path to health and longevity.

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