Fun Workouts: Exercise Like a Kid

fun workoutFun Workouts: Exercise Like a Kid–

“I would work out more if I knew of some fun workouts!” The inspiration you need to solve this dilemma is as close as the nearest park, school yard or possibly in your own home. It’s those little people we call Kids. And they have us ‘grown ups’ beat hands down when it comes to making workouts fun. As we get older, we find ourselves envying kids for their ability to run and jump (aka exercise) endlessly and have fun doing it. But fun workouts don’t have to be so elusive! There are lots of exercises we can do to help in our quest to look and feel younger.

8 Fun Workouts

Check out these fun workout exercises that we used to do as kids without even thinking twice:

#1. Walking. When we were kids we used to walk all around the neighborhood. Sometimes we were going someplace. Sometimes not. We just walked, enjoyed the sights and sounds, and if a friend was there, we talked. All you have to do is walk our your door to get your workout in.

#2. Skipping. A simple trip to the mailbox can be made into exercise by skipping. I got the urge to skip with my daughter and we laughed all the way there, and I felt the burn in my legs and the rise in my heartbeat. And skipping makes you smile too!

#3. Jumping. Whether you jump up and down, or use a jump rope or strike a pose mid air, jumping can really ramp up your heart rate! If you tuck your legs while in air, you are also working your abs.

#4. Doing the Crab Walk. Walking around on all fours like a crab requires you to use your arms legs and core. It’s also pretty silly, so while you are at it, get a laugh and see how far you can go around the house. Have a crab walk race with your kids or significant other. Just lift your rear off the floor and walk on all fours!

#5. Doing the Reverse bicycle. While laying on the floor watching TV, you can always take a few minutes to hoist your legs in the air and move your legs like you are peddling a bike. See if you can keep going through a whole commercial break.

#6. Walking up the wall. This is something we did as kids to practice doing handstands. Stand with your back to the wall, put your hands to the floor and start walking your feet up the wall. You start using your arm muscles as you hold your weight. Your feet rest on the wall for stability.

#7. Walking the stairs. Everywhere they go, kids will go out of their way to walk up the stairs. This is a habit we can adopt for every day life. As they say, the more you don’t take the stairs, the more you can’t take the stairs. So take the stairs, just to prove you can. If you have stairs in your home run up and down them as many times as you can.

#8. Dancing around. This has to be the funnest of all. Turn on some good music and dance like nobody’s watching. Last time I did this, the kids and I turned on Gangnam Style on youtube and tried to copy all the moves. Talk about hilarious! It raised my heart rate and erased my stress.

Exercise like a kid!

Next time you are just plain bored and need a fun workout, or want to change it up a bit,  exercise like a kid with these easy activities and you will find yourself challenged and having fun in your workout again.

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