Get in Shape in 2013: Top Ten Reasons to start getting in shape today


photo (5)Get in Shape in 2013: Top Ten Reasons to start getting in shape today–

Most of us know we need to get in shape, but sometimes motivation can be a big challenge. Here are 10 reasons to get in shape in 2013, starting now.

1. You will help prevent health problems when you get in shape. Health problems associated with being overweight or obese include Type 2 diabetes, heart disease,  high blood pressure, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, cancer and stroke.

2. You will look your best and feel confident in daily life when you get in shape. When you look and feel good you will have the confidence to take on the world every day.

3. You will feel your best to live life to the fullest. No more worrying about your weight once you get in shape. No more being held back from what you want to do.

4. You will get compliments about how good you look when you get in shape. You will look younger and you will feel younger too.

5. You will be forced to buy a new wardrobe, but in a smaller size this time! Who doesn’t love to shop, especially when you “have to” because your clothes are too big.

6. Because if you aren’t gaining muscle then you are losing muscle. Start doing resistance training, like lifting small weights, doing push ups, or even yoga. Start off easy and gradually work up to more challenging moves and workouts. There is nothing wrong with getting in shape over time; it’s a marathon, not a race.

7. You will look better in pictures when you get in shape. Never be accosted again by pictures that rudely remind you that you need to lose weight. With social media these days, you can’t just simply snatch the photo away and rip it up into 1,000 pieces! It’s out there.

8. You will look better in a swimsuit when you get in shape. The day you have to wear a swimsuit always feels like judgement day. Next time, Be Ready.

9. You will feel more in control of your life (instead of out of control) when you get in shape. When you are in shape and controlling your diet and exercise, it is amazing how many other things start to fall into place.

10. It doesn’t get any easier to get in shape the older you get, so you might as well start now. And the sooner you do it, the more time you can enjoy the results. So start today! Find motivation and tips to get started on your path at

What reasons to get in shape can you think of that are not listed here? Please share the reasons you are getting in shape and the benefits you have received!

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