Getting Started

Getting Started on your weight loss plan

getting shape - how to get staratedSo you’ve made the decision to get fit! Setting a goal and creating a plan to get there are necessary to keep your expectations realistic and your discipline in place. Here’s a Quick step-by-step to get you started.

1. Evaluate your current weight status. A quick way to do this is to calculate your BMI. Your BMI or Body Mass Index is an indicator widely used by the medical field to determine if your weight is classified as normal, overweight or obese. Once you have calculated your BMI, you can set a goal to get into the normal range, if you are not there already. You can find the BMI formula on fytly’s Tools & Calculators tab or on the widget on the right sidebar of this page. Once you have calculated your BMI, check the charts on fytly’s BMI Calculator page to determine your weight status, and ideal weight.

2. Calculate your Daily Calorie Burn.  Know how many calories your body burns each day so that you can make sure to eat fewer calories than you burn and lose weight. Check fytly’s Calculator & Tools pages to get the formula to calculate your personal daily calorie burn based on your weight and activity level.

3. Set a goal for the weight you want to lose. To lose weight in a healthy way, the general rule is to lose 1 pound a week; however depending on how much weight you have to lose, you may lose weight more quickly or more slowly.  One pound equals 3,500 calories, so you will need to burn 3,500 more calories than you eat to lose one pound. To lose 1 pound a week, you need to achieve a deficit of 500 calories a day (500 calories x 7 days). Keep in mind that your workouts and activities (even chores) will also count toward your net daily calorie deficit. At the rate of 500 calories net burn a day, it will take 10 weeks to lose 10 pounds.  Set small goals in 10 pound increments so that you can experience reaching your goals more frequently. Once you’ve reached your first goal, celebrate (!), and then set a new goal for the next 10 pounds.

4. Make a plan to do regular physical activity. This can be as simple as walking each day, joining a gym, or order a home workout DVD. The point is to make sure you are doing something 3-5 days a week or at least a half hour to 45 minutes. It is difficult to lose weight with diet alone. Exercise will boost your calorie burn and weight loss, and seeing results is the number one way to keep your motivation strong so that you can reach your goal.

5. Maintain a positive attitude. Believe that you can do this. You are making a much needed lifestyle change for your life, and for your health. Tell yourself every day that you will succeed and envision yourself reaching your goal. Do not let negative thoughts creep in.  If you are tempted to eat a sugar-laden snack, drink a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit to stave off those cravings. Decide upon a reward you will grant yourself when you hit your first 10 pound goal. Enlist a friend or coworker to join you on your weight loss quest so you can both keep each other motivated and away from the office candy jar. It is simple to get started on your weight loss goals. The hard part is staying on track. Visit fytly often for motivation and tips to help you on your weight loss and fitness journey.


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