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INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program

I saw the Insanity workout on TV and I was intrigued by the high energy and testimonials and instantly motivated to try something different. Having been familiar with Beachbody’s Shawn T from Hip Hop Abs, I decided to take the plunge. I popped in the DVD and waited for the Insanity to begin.

(To give you some background on me, I am a 41-year old woman. I had not worked out for almost a year, and needed to lose 10 pounds that I had gained, and wanted to get back in shape.)

First you go through the Insanity fit test. The fit test is a series of workout moves that you do as many as possible of for 1 minute. You track the number of each exercise you are able to complete; but the real result of which is to become hyper-aware of  ”exactly how out of shape I actually am.” I say this because the exercises are not hard to do. Just you are too out of shape to do them and especially all in a row for a solid minute each. So you are now sweating and panting and the next day your calves hurt.

This sets the stage for the entire workout which takes you through a ton of totally doable exercises that you are simply too out of shape to do in such rapid succession.  But that is the beauty of Insanity, because if you break it down mentally, you say I know I can do this, I just need to build up my cardiovascular fitness and strength. So by doing the moves, you build up your strength and stamina, and you burn calories so you can lose weight and fat. And when you are finished you take the fit test again and see how many more of each move you can do without dying. But you won’t need the fit test to tell you that because every week you notice it gets easier.



For those looking for some quick results, I definitely saw results in the first few weeks, which only improved as I completed the program. And I must confess, I didn’t even follow it 100% in terms of diet or days per week. By the time I finished Insanity, the benefits for me were pretty life changing. I started out wanting to lose weight, but what I ended up with was a body that is firm, abs that were flat –I even have the ‘crease’ in my waistline which I have never had before — a butt that is lifted and a back that looks defined. Beyond appearances, I feel strong and fit, and I don’t worry as much about what I eat (or what the scale says) because I know my metabolism is on fire and I don’t have much fat on my body. Isn’t this the real goal? I encourage anyone who wants to shake up their exercise routine and get in shape to not only try Insanity but to commit to finishing it. I have made it a regular part of my workout rotation.



In future posts I will talk more about the Insanity workout, how it works, and tips to make it through!

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