5 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight When Traveling


5 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight When Traveling–

avoid weight gain while travelingWhen you are traveling, one of the major challenges is how to keep from gaining weight on the trip. You can’t bring much food with you through airport security and you find yourself overeating and not moving enough — a recipe for weight gain. Here are the things I did on my last trip to make sure I didn’t go off the rails.

1.  Bring your workout gear with you. Make time to work out in the morning before you start your day or at night. I brought my workout DVD, heart rate monitor and workout clothes with me on my last trip. You also may need a laptop or other device to play your workout DVD unless you are going to the hotel fitness center...

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20 Fitness Tips You Can Do Today!

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As the new year begins, many of us make fitness-related resolutions. Whether it's losing five pounds, eating more healthfully or working on our stubborn problem areas. The beginning of the year is a great time for a personal beginning - a time for a fresh slate to tackle our [...]

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New iPhone Fitness App Tracks Daily Activity


Moves is a new iPhone app that promises to track your daily fitness activity without any need for a Nike FuelBand, Fitbit, or other physical tracking device. It does this by essentially acting as a pedometer when your iPhone is placed in your pocket. The app logs walking and [...]

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Insanity Workout Results – My Personal Experience

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INSANITY: 60-Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program

I saw the Insanity workout on TV and I was intrigued by the high energy and testimonials and instantly motivated to try something different. Having been familiar with Beachbody’s Shawn T from Hip Hop Abs, I decided to take the plunge. I popped in the DVD and waited for the Insanity to begin.

(To give you some background on me, I am a 41-year old woman. I had not worked out for almost a year, and needed to lose 10 pounds that I had gained, and wanted to get back in shape.)

First you go through the Insanity fit test. The fit test is a series of workout moves that you do as many as possible of for 1 minute. You track the number of each exercise you are able to complete; but the real result of which is to become hyper-aware of  ”exactly how out of shape I actually am...

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Brain Exercise – Does It Last If You Stop?

Darryl Leniuk Gretchen Reynolds on the science of fitness. It is well established that exercise bolsters the structure and function of the brain. Multiple animal and human studies have shown that a few months of moderate exercise can create new neurons, lift mood and hone memory and thinking. But [...]
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Five Steps You Can Take Today Toward Getting Fit

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Five Easy Steps You Can Take Today Toward Getting Fit–

The great thing about getting in shape and regaining your health is, for most people, it’s never too late! All that is required is to decide to take action. Any action. No need to start pumping iron or try to trudge through a three mile run. It’s so much simpler, and rewarding, than that.

Here are five quick and easy steps you can take today, right now, that will put you on the road to getting back to your old self. The person you want to be.

Step One: as we stated, the first step is to decide you are going to do something. ANYTHING! And do it just for that day. Tell yourself, just for today, I am going to walk around the block rather than watch that rerun. I’ll just do it this once...

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