A Funout, not a Workout

get in shape fun

Fun Workout Ideas: 11 Activities That Don’t Feel Like Exercise–

get in shape fun

Everyone up! No sitting.

Think getting up and getting active is a difficult task? Think again. A simple outing for breakfast this morning gave us all the inspiration we need for a post about fun workout ideas. In a span of just a few minutes and all within a half mile of each other, we saw folks out and about having a blast while cycling, playing volleyball, kayaking, running, walking, dancing, playing bocce ball, fishing, walking dogs, playing with kids on the playground and tossing the football.

Granted, we live in a region known for its beautiful winters, but still, you could get going today with at least one of these activities – maybe even a couple. Dancing with your dog, anyone?

The bottom line is getting fit does not equal drudgery. All of the activities we saw this morning burn calories, raise the metabolism, reduce stress and allow for social interaction. And are just plain fun as well. get in shape

For example, a leisure bike ride will burn around 250 cals/hour for the average person. Kayaking? Around 270 cals/hr. Walking the dog will get you around 150 cals/hour. Added bonus – a nice Vitamin D boost from that sunshine.

Funouts should be a part of your getting in shape approach. Doing so will help you avoid getting burned out working out, prevent exercise boredom and keep you invigorated and motivated. Plus, the more you do, the more result you see in whatever activities you choose.

So do what we do. Get up, get out and workfunout!


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