Stuff You Need

Stuff you need for your workout

When you start working out regularly, you quickly realize you can be more comfortable and effective in your workout by buying specific clothing and accessories.  There is gear to help you monitor your calorie burn and heart rate and increase your workout safety. Specific workout clothing will make you more comfortable. Here’s a quick list of ‘stuff’ that will be indispensable while you work out.

Heart Rate Monitor: This is something that I had never thought of, but as many of us have experienced working out and not getting the results we expected, a heart rate monitor has now become a mandatory part of my workout. It not only gives you a glimpse as to your heart rate while working out, it also tells you how many calories you have burned. Combine this with your calories eaten so you know exactly where you stand on your net calorie burn.

Good Shoes: I had been using the sneakers I had around the house for my workout plan but about 30 days in my feet started killing me and I got pains in my hips and legs. I purchased some new shoes and not only did those pains stop but I was able to give more to my workout.

Workout apparel: Who can get excited about putting on your scrubbiest clothes to workout in when you can don something that looks good so you can appreciate your progress and feel more comfortable during your workout. We recommend clothing that can wick away sweat so you stay feeling dry.

Socks: I recently discovered some cushioned socks that really make my feet so much more comfortable for my workout.

Water Bottle: Get a great water bottle that holds a lot of water so you never run out during your workout.

Buying these items are worth it as you find yourself more excited about your workout because you know you are doing it right and looking good.


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