Workout Activity Trackers

Workout Activity Trackers

If you want to take control of your workout, activity trackers are a great way to do that. The below workout activity trackers bring the latest technology to assist in your healthy lifestyle goals – knowledge is power!  Now you can take the guesswork out of tracking your workout with these great gadgets.

fitbit pedometerPedometers  

Pedometers are great because they provide you instant feedback on fitness effort that you may otherwise not even think of – simple walking. Early versions literally tracked your steps, but today’s multi-functional units also monitor aerobic steps, time walked, distance, calories and fat grams burned. You can wear a pedometer the entire day to get a very accurate gauge on how far you’ve actually walked in your normal routine and the calories burned. Some units even allow you to download the data to your computer.

fuelbandNike+ FuelBand

With the Nike+ FuelBand you can combine the benefits of a pedometer, watch, and a goal and activity tracking app. The Nike+ FuelBandis a very cool looking accessory that you can wear every day, not just when you work out. The data gathered can be synced up with the free Nike+ FuelBand mobile app so you can see your progress. You set your goals for activities and then the Nike+ FuelBand will light up when you have hit your goal activity for the day, acting as a fun motivator to get to ‘green’ every day.

Fitbit Wireless Activity plus Sleep Tracker


The Fitbit Wireless Activity plus Sleep tracker is a great way to keep track of not only your activity but also your sleep. You can’t overestimate the importance of getting enough sleep when you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle. The Fitbit provides the benefits of a pedometer, reporting your steps taken, calories burned, and distance walked, and it also measures how well you sleep simply by wearing it on your wrist at night. You can easily wear it all day, clipped to your bra or belt. Download the iPhone app for full online functionality. The Fitbit is a great way to remind us ladies that we need to get our beauty sleep and make sure we stay active.

With any of these workout activity trackers you will be able to take charge of your workout and know every day if your calorie burn is in the range you need for weight loss or weight maintenance.

Check out our fitness apps for more cool workout tracking tools or visit our BMI and Calorie Calculators to plan your diet and fitness goals.

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