ETIAS – Requirements for British citizens traveling to Europe

Starting from the middle of 2025, UK citizens will be exempt from obtaining a visa for short visits to Europe, however, they will need to obtain an ETIAS visa waiver. Following the UK’s departure from the EU, there are no additional visa obligations for British nationals traveling to Europe for brief periods, but it is important to be aware of the new regulations and guidelines. British passport holders must ensure that they fulfill all the ETIAS requirements for third-country nationals before submitting their application.

One significant adjustment post-Brexit pertains to the duration British travelers are allowed to stay in the Schengen Area without a visa. With the UK no longer part of the EU, UK passport holders are now able to enter an external EU border with only a valid passport and spend a maximum of 3 months (90 days) within the Schengen Area during a 180-day timeframe. However, to extend their stay beyond 90 days, a visa or alternative travel authorization is necessary.

As of mid-2025, British passport holders will have the option to register in advance for travel to ETIAS countries by completing the online ETIAS application form. Since ETIAS is not classified as a visa, British applicants are required to have just a valid UK Passport and a credit or debit card to pay for ETIAS fees.

In order to proceed, it is essential to provide the UK passport details, including the passport number, expiry date, and issue date. Moreover, basic personal information such as full name, date of birth, and gender must be included. Additionally, the email address serves as the primary mode of correspondence.

Once authorized, the ETIAS visa waiver will be linked to the electronic chip inside the traveler’s passport. The EU visa waiver will be validated when the passport is scanned at the external border. UK nationals will need to comply with ETIAS as a mandatory entry requirement once it is rolled out in mid-2025.

Crossing an external EU border requires travel authorization for those arriving from visa-exempt third countries. The ETIAS authorization allows for multiple trips to Europe within a 3-year period, as long as the total stay does not exceed 90 days per 180-day period.

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UK citizens planning to visit a Schengen country post-Brexit must be aware of additional regulations apart from ETIAS. It is crucial for them to stay informed about the latest requirements concerning passport validity, EU healthcare access, EU driving rules, and mobile roaming charges in Europe.

An Esim is a viable option to avoid the new roaming charges when traveling to different destinations.

Details on Gibraltar

After Brexit, Gibraltar has effectively joined the Schengen Area, allowing for unrestricted travel between Gibraltar and Spain. Residents of Gibraltar can now enter Spain without undergoing passport control. Despite this, the UK is not a member of the Schengen Area, which implies that UK citizens, excluding Gibraltarians, might need an ETIAS visa waiver to enter Gibraltar from mid-2025. It is advisable for travelers to stay informed about the latest developments.

More information on how to apply for ETIAS can be found by accessing the official ETIAS website.


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